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Some Books on Duhem by Stanley Jaki

1. Uneasy Genius: The Life and Work of Pierre Duhem (Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff, 1984), xii + 472pp. This is an introduction to his life and work.
2. The Physicist As Artist: The Landscapes of Pierre Duhem (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1988), 188pp quarto (Introduction with 235 illustrations in half tone and ten color plates). A sampling of his wonderful art.
3. Pierre Duhem: Scientist and Catholic (Front Royal, Va.: Christendom Press, 1991), 204pp. A study of the philosophical and theological aspects of his work; a number of important items by Duhem are included.
4. Reluctant Heroine: The Life and Work of Hélène Duhem (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1992), 335pp (with illustrations). A life of Duhem's only daughter, who heroically brought her father's masterwork to complete publication.
5. A Mind's Matter: An Intellectual Autobiography, (Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans), xiv + 309pp; with a full list of the author's publications (pp. 259-309).

Some Books by Pierre Duhem (in English):

1. To Save the Phenomena: An Essay on the Idea of Physical Theory from Plato to
, trans. E. Doland and C. Maschler (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1969). This edition has an introductory essay by Jaki.
2. Medieval Cosmology: Theories of Infinity, Place, Time, Void and the Plurality of Worlds, R. Ariew (ed. and trans.), (Chicago: University Press, 1985), pp. xi-xviii. This edition has an introductory essay by Jaki; the translation is a portion of Duhem's Système du monde.
3. The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory, with a foreword by Prince Louis de Broglie; translated by Philip P. Wiener (Princeton: Princeton University Press), xxii + 344pp.

Some Books by Pierre Duhem (in French):

1. Le systéme du monde, 10 vols (Paris: Hermann; various dates).
2. Etudes sur Léonard de Vinci, 3 vols (nouveau tirage, Paris: F. De Nobile). 

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